Clients & Links

Clients - Public Firms and Authorities

Ministry of Housing and Construction.
Ministry of the Environment.
Public Department.
NTA/Mesillot –Project of the Tel Aviv Light Railway.
GSI – Geological Survey of Israel
GII – Geophysical Institute of Israel
Israel Geological Society

Clients - Private Firms and Consultants

Ami-Metom - Engineers and Consultants Ltd.
D.E.L – Development and Engineering Ltd.
Yona Ltd.– Road Planning
Yenon Ltd.– Road Planning
Yahad Architects Ltd.
Mahod Ltd.– Road Planning
Aliza Rapaport-Rotman – Environmenta Planningl.
R.A.M - Road Planning.
Karni Engineers Ltd. - Road Planning.
Tedem LTD.- Road Planning.
Blue Ecosystems

Links – International Firms

Derech-Eretz Highways Ltd.
3G, Austria
IC Group, Austria .
DE-Consult, Germany

Links – Software


Links - Universities

Ben-Gurion University, Dept. of Geological and Environmental Sciences
Ben-Gurion University, Engineering Geology
Technic University Graz, Austria
Israel Geological Society

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